Used Doors

Used Doors

Reno on a budget? Why not reuse some building materials such as doors? Not only do you save money, you help the environment by recycling!

We have quite the selection of Used Doors! Including Interior, Exterior, Closet, French and Patio Doors. 

Our stock is always updating and changing as well so please come down and take a look!

Due to our continuously changing inventory, it is impossible to keep a regularly updated album of most used stock. Please use the pictures here as an example of our stock and Contact Us with any questions!

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Nothing says I love you like having a door to slam in someone's face. 

We have a very large stock of Used Interior Doors. You can find Vintage and Antique doors here as well as more modern designs.

Sizes, Colours and Designs Vary.

No place can be called a Home without a Front Door!

​Sizes, Colours and Designs Vary.

The Boogeyman needs privacy too!

We have a great selection of Used Closet Doors to choose from. So come down with your measurements and take a look.

Need some style and charm added to your home? Why not try a French Door?

Sizes and Colours Vary.

There is nothing quite as disturbing as the sound of a bird flying into a patio door. Now you can have that experience too!

We usually have a nice stock of used Patio Doors to choose from.

​Sizes Vary.

Need a door for your garage?

Jack's usually has a stock of automatic and manual doors in various sizes.